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FermZilla Starter Kit - 55L

"FermZilla" 55L Starter Kit

The dawn of a new age in home brewing FermZilla's revolutionary design simplifies home brewing process and reduces the risk of infection and oxidation. Finally, you can brew beer and...
Distiliatoraus kolona VANDENIUI

Distillation Column

The set includes a column with garden connectors and a cover for the column 30.5 cm wide with a 47 mm hole in the middle.
Prie?sl?ginis buteli? u?pildytuvas

Pressure bottle filler

Back pressure bottle filler Ever wanted to take some keg beer with you to a friends house? Now you can with the KegLand Back Pressure Bottle Filler. This type of...
Kombu?ios gamybos rinkinys

Kombucha production kit

Make your own kombucha! In this kit you will find: detailed instructions, tea herbs (Ceylon black tea), sugar, kombucha culture (tea mushroom) with starter, pH measuring tape, cotton cloth and...
Medinis ?auk?tas 1m

Wooden spoon 1m

Wooden spoon 1 meter long.
Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp gasket 1,5" - 3 vnt

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp Gasket 1.5"

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp spacer 1.5" 3pcs.
Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp 3"

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp 3"

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp 3" stainless steel.
Tri-clamp 1,5"

Tri-clamp 1.5"

Tri-clamp 1.5" stainless milk.
Co2 balion?liai 16g

Co2 canisters 16g

Bottles without thread
FermZilla - 60L - All Rounder -Sl?ginis fermenteris/Kegas

Fermzilla 60L - All Rounder

FermZilla - 60L - All Rounder - Pressure fermenter/Keg
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