Gaskets and Hoses

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Alaus ?arnel? 8mm

Žarnelė 4x8mm (5/16)

EVABarrier Žarnelė 4x8mm Žarnelė alui arba Co2. vidinis diametras 4mm, išorinis diametras 8mm. Šis 4 mm dydis yra mažiausias mūsų siūlomas VD. Šis mažas VD idealiai tinka, kai reikia tik...
Alaus ?arnel? 8mm

Hose 5x8mm (5/16)

Hose for beer or Co2. inner diameter 5mm, outer diameter 8mm. EVABarrier hoses feature high quality and strong double wall. Their impermeable walls prevent the leakage of liquids and/or gases,...
Žarnelė 5x8mm (5/16) Mėlyna 

Hose 5x8mm (5/16) Blue

John Guest beer or Co2 hose. Internal measurement 5mm, external measurement 8mm. The price is for one meter. We cut as needed.
Alaus ?arnel? 10mm  (3/8)

Hose 6.7x9.5mm (3/8)

Tubing Food tubing for beer or Co2. inner diameter 6.7mm, outer diameter 9.5mm. The price is for one meter. We cut as needed.
Silikonin? ?arnel?  9x13mm

Silicone hose 9x13mm

Price per meter. We cut as needed.
Žarnelė su plūde 

Hose with float

Silicone hose with float and filter. Length 100cm. This simple design allows for the clearest possible pressure vessel liquid, and the filter provides additional safety. This helps prevent the carbonation...
Alsuoklio tarpin? juoda 9mm

Breather spacer 9mm

Fermenter gasket for breather. 9mm inner diameter.
Maistinis tepalas 

Edible grease

Food-grade grease suitable for lubrication of various gaskets and other equipment that comes into contact with food. Haynes CIP-Film has a low melting point of around 48ºC, making it ideal...
Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp gasket 1,5" - 3 vnt

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp Gasket 1.5"

Ss Brewtechª Tri-clamp spacer 1.5" 3pcs.
Beer and Co2 hoses. Various spacers.