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Château Wheat Chocolate is a very roasted malt, although not as strong as black malt. Using this malt in beer can produce a dark brown color with black coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavor. The wheat version of Chocolate malt has a more pronounced dark chocolate character compared to its barley counterpart. This malt adds color and flavor to various styles of dark beer and is used to mellow certain English dark beers such as stouts, porters or brown ales. Château Wheat Chocolate is hull-free and has been specially developed by Castle Malting to avoid tartness, bitterness and dry taste or aftertaste in beer. This malt can replace hulled* chocolate malt 1:1 for a milder taste.

Used for English-style dark beers, stouts, porters, brown ales. Up to 20%

Color: 800-1100 EBC

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