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Omega Lutra¨ (sausos)

OYL-071 Lutra (dry)

Isolated from the Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091) culture, Lutra® is astonishingly clean and unsurpassedly fast when brewed at 32°C. Attenuation: Average 75-82% Flocculation: Medium-High Alcohol tolerance: 15% Temperature range: 20-35°C
Omega "Jovar?"

OYL-033 Yovaru

The historical yeast strain "Jovaru" of the famous Jovaru brewery originates from the queen of Lithuanian country beer herself. Citrus esters and restrained phenols are characteristics of lemon stones and...
Omega British V Ale

OYL-011 British V Ale

British Ale V is undoubtedly the gold standard in NEIPA brewing. Along with a huge burst of fruit and juicy hops comes the steady cloudiness and lingering sweetness that is...
Omega Wit

OYL-030 Wit

This Wit yeast has a popular, refreshing, easy-drinking summer style. Spicy phenols add flavor but at the same time do not overshadow the good ester qualities. Slightly acidic and dry....
Omega Tropical IPA

OYL-200 Tropical IPA

A unique strain of Saccharomyces that provides mild, savory, tropical fruit characteristics of mango and pineapple with a clean taste. Try higher fermentation temperatures to bring out the tropical aromas....
OYL-057 Hothead Kveik 

OYL-057 Hothead Quake

Hothead®, a highly flocculating strain of Norwegian beer (kveik), has an astonishingly wide temperature range with little change in taste. Clean enough to suit both American and English styles, it...

Amerikietiškos skystos mielės - Omega

Aukštos kokybės skystosios mielės, paruoštos išpilstymui.