Wine and Other Yeasts

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BV7 Vyno mielės 

BV7 Wine yeast

A white wine variety that increases volume and intensity to express the full flavor of the variety. This medium-fermenting yeast also promotes good body and structure, while retaining the natural...
Vyno miel?s "Mangrove Jack's" SN9

SN9 Wine yeast

A general purpose, relatively neutral sensory effect suitable for almost any style of wine. This fast-fermenting yeast is very robust, tolerating difficult fermentation conditions and alcohol content up to 18%...
Vyno miel?s Mangrove Jack's" CL23

CL23 wine yeast

It is a versatile strain with a very neutral sensory impact, suitable for many types of wine, especially white, rosé and sparkling wines. This fast-fermenting yeast is very robust, tolerating...
Vyno miel?s "Mangrove Jack's" MA33

MA33 wine yeast

This strain can reduce malic content by 30-35% and total titratable acidity, making it ideal for young wines intended for early consumption and fruit with high acidity. This medium fermentation...
Lalvinª QA23ª 5g.

QA23 vyno mielės

"Lalvin QA23" is characterized by a very high activity of β-glucosidase, an enzyme that helps break down non-volatile aromatic compounds into a volatile state. Thus, this yeast helps to express...
Lalvinª 71Bª 5g.

71B vyno mielės

Lalvin 71B™ is an excellent choice for making young, fresh and fruity red, rosé and white wines that are easy to drink. It is also a good choice for making...
Lalvinª K1-V1116 5g.

K1-V1116 vyno mielės

Lalvin K1™ (V1116) is one of the yeasts that produces the highest number of floral esters (isoamyl acetate, hexylacetate, phenylethyl acetate) when fermented at low temperature (below 16°C) and with...
Lalvinª EC-1118ª 5g.

EC-1118 vyno mielės

Lalvin EC1118 is used for its excellent properties in the production of sparkling base wine and secondary fermentation in the bottle. It is very resistant to osmotic pressure. Lalvin EC1118...
Mead M05 10g.

M05 midaus mielės

Mangrove Jack M05 - midaus mielės Daug esterių gaminanti padermė, suteikianti gaivių, gėlių esterių, ypač kai fermentuojama vėsiai. Šios mielės labai gerai toleruoja alkoholį ir gerai fermentuojasi įvairiose temperatūrose. Tinka...
Oenoferm CHAMP F3 500g 

CHAMP F3 vyno mielės

Oenoferm CHAMP F3 putojančio vyno mielės Šampanės regione atrinktos Bayanus mielės putojančio vyno gamybai.Ypač tinka tradicinei aukštos kokybės vynų fermentacijai butelyje. Į putojančius vynus įneša subtilių vaisinių komponentų su švelniomis...
Australian Ale 

Australian Ale

Sausos mielės Coopers Australian Ale. Dažniausiai naudojamos gaminant klasikinius britiškus ir australiškus elius. Rekomenduojama fermentavimo temperatūra 16-24C. Flokuliacija: Aukšta. Pakuotėje: 7g.
Wine, Cider, Mead yeast.